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ChatBlog proposes events for families

Everyday Blog or News website need to reach their own audience easily as much interactive as possibile.


Newsletters nowadays are failing with an Open Rate of 20-25% and a Click Through Rate of 3-5% ,

and they are NOT interactive at all.


ChatBot based solution have an Open Rate of 90% and a Click Through Rate of 64% ,

and they are interactive too!


Moreover ChatBot allows users to ask what they love to know, and learns all their preferences, just chatting with them.

It is very easy and smart: just asking to the Virtual Assistant – for example “What can I do with my kids on saturday?” – to find the specific events, for the specific “time” (in this case saturday), filtered for their own kids.

Users can even ask suggestions about many themes or services linked to the Blog/News Website treated domains. This also offers the opportunity to discover new trends and requested to build new services and partnerships or improve those already in place.

Case of Success: