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Shopping Mall

ChatBot provides your customers with the best assistance during their permanence at the Shopping Center

Let customers find out the most important information such as stores opening time, gift-card balance, promotions available, indoor map, taxi service, restaurants, events and many other shopping mall services.


ChatBot replies in real time 24/7 to all customers demands:

“Where can I eat pizza?”

“What time does Nike Store open?”

“Memorize where I left my car”

“Call me a taxi”

“What’s my gift-card balance?


ChatBot notify the user via push messages about news, promotions and events to keep in touch with customers, even when they are outside of the shopping mall:

“Hey this week we have super promotions! Can’t wait to show you them!”

“Friday night there will be a special concert, here it is 2 free tickets for you!”


Case of Success: