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AskFor is our B2B2C project.

It’s a Virtual Assistant that match consumers specific needs with local stores offers, in real time.


Set up on this problem: you know the product you need, but you have no idea about where to find it downtown.

AskFor is super smart: it understands consumers requests in terms of “specific searched product” and the “main product category”.

Then, it collects more details about the searched product by asking more information to customer.


As the basic details are compiled, AskFor sends the customer request to the local stores nearby that treat the specific commodity category.


Shopkeepers receive a mobile notification and can reply by offering the available stuff (composed by picture and text) via chat message.


AskFor collect all the shopkeepers answers and reports to customer where to find the wanted product nearby, by showing for each store: store name, localization, Shopkeeper image and text.


Plus: customers can even start a real time conversation via chat with the preferred Shopkeepers to ask more information or order the product.


Case of Success: